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Here's what my students are saying about Annie's classes and courses:

"Annie's classes aren't just about doing a few stretches and calling it good.  She helped me understand how my hips work and where the pain is coming from and then how to target that area gently for long lasting relief.  It's been incredible." - Amy

"I am thankful to have your zoom classes. After surgery and lingering pain from ensuing tendinitis I’m feeling more and more like a slug these days but your yoga has started me moving again. The discipline of live classes gets me to the mat more regularly than YouTube, not to mention the thought and variety you offer in each class." - Kathy

"I feel so much more grounded than before class!  I love the energy shift I noticed after wall inversion and supported bridge during the restorative class.  I am also loving and using the recorded classes regularly."  -Sara

"I have been having more pain in my right shoulder over the past few months. My good days are great, but bad days are intermittent pain. My good days coincide with yoga days." - Tony

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"I rode 17 miles on Sunday. My hips and low back have been screaming. On top of that I had a day today that really needed an hour of nothing but long holds and lengthening. Thank you, Annie, for helping to heal my cracks."   -Heather

"I've had pain in my left leg for over a year and a half.  After last Tuesday's class when we worked specifically on our psoas, the pain was gone.  I haven't need pain reliever since.  I don't remember the last time I went a day without ibuprofen." - Kathy

"I've taken Annie's Young at Heart classes for a few months now and I'm getting good results in improved flexibility and balance.  Annie has a great talent for guiding us through the poses, using words that evoke images of the way the body moves and responds. I find her gentle but consistent reminders to breathe through the moves very helpful.  I highly recommend her." -Peg

"Annie is so genuine and real in her practice.  She instantly made me feel welcome to her classes and she provides many different variations to poses to help me find the most comfortable position.  I yell from the rooftops how much yoga helps me with my running, managing anxiety, and learning how to "be". " - Laura

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