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Annie Ware 

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"Like many deeply rooted friendships, my relationship with yoga ebbed and flowed over the years but no matter how long I went in between without it, whenever I found myself back on the mat it was like we had never been apart." 

Yoga has been a central part of Annie's life for two decades when she merely stumbled upon it.   It was physically challenging but also mentally and emotionally freeing.


Her desire to learn everything she could about yoga took her to far reaches of the World. Her first stop was a remote jungle village in Costa Rica where she spent a year learning the art of connecting breath to movement in the style of Vinyasa Flow. After that she studied in southern Norway with a teacher who specialized in Ashtanga yoga. She returned home to Maine with an overflowing basket of knowledge.

Formal teacher training seemed like the obvious next step. She completed her 500-hour training in Austin, Texas.  During training Annie developed a love of human anatomy and how the body’s movement relates to yoga postures. This still informs her practice and her teaching today.


She specializes in and has taught several workshops centering around pelvic and low back healing through yoga. Annie’s classes typically flow slowly and are carefully designed around alignment and systems of the body. They are gently challenging and deeply nourishing.

When she's not on the yoga mat you'll find her jogging, biking or skiing depending on the season.  But mostly she's mothering three little girls on a 10-acre farm and looking for their other shoe.

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