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Half Moon Yoga Co.

with  Annie Ware

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Annie has studied yoga anatomy with several renown teachers to help those with hip, shoulder and low back pain or discomfort.  She teaches her students, who come to her with specific areas of need, how to release, lengthen, stabilize and reset the body in a variety of different ways with yogic postures and breathing techniques.

Athletes (professional, amateur and recreational) take Annie's classes to enhance recovery.  Athletic recovery is an important process that allows the body not just to bounce back from a training session but also to improve performance. 

"I've been living with sciatica in my left leg for years.  I had never done yoga before but a friend recommended Annie's four-week hips re-set workshop.  After two sessions my sciatic pain was nearly gone. She taught me how to manage the pain going forward.  I feel like I have control over it now rather that it controlling me.  She is so knowledgeable about the human body.  Her approach is thoughtful and gentle." Kate (age 41) from Portland, Maine.

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